About Us

Who we are

Infinite Tiias is an IT and softwares development company. We aim to introduce technology to all business owners , companies and everyone who desires the best online presence.

With time we hope to be the best and most trusted IT personnel in building online presence for all companies in Nigeria.

Our Believe
We believes that when creativity meets with knowledge, everything can be achieved. Who We Are

Infinite Tiias limited is an organisation of vibrant technology inclined young people who have been trained, tried ,tested and trusted . We provide the following services ;

Programming: We develop all kinds of programs written from computer source code that are suitable for any device.

Web design and development:
To prove our word and reliability to our clients, we design bespoke websites that gives the best online presence. Also we develop the backend which gives room for interactive activities on clients' website. Graphic designs and logo creation: we take into account very information provided by all client to give the best level of creativity!

Branding & Digital marketing

Wondering how we could be of help to you ? Are you just staring up your business or you are already established and you desire an online presence to promote your products and get more clients? Look no further because we have also got you covered! We help both small to large scale businesses to

Develop their front to backend Mobile and Web application
Develop their front and backend connection
Set up their computers
Create a networking system for easy connections in their offices
Create a strong back up on all documents

Our vision

To make Technology an asset for your business.

Our mission

To deliver innovative enterprise Technology solution that solves complex task in easy ways

Core values

Transparency ,diligence, hardwork and dedication; theses are our tenets which we hold in high esteem .

Core Values

Excellence, Innovation, Simplicity, Infinite Possibility, Professional value

Why don't you come on board and let's get digital ! Infinite Tiias Ltd, where creativity empowers knowledge!